CEO’s comment

“Let’s work together to fight and eventually conquer cancer!”

박영환 본부장님

National OncoVenture (NOV) is a Korean government (Ministry of Health & Welfare) funded oncology drug development program. We are focusing on non-clinical and early stage clinical development of promising oncology drug candidates provided by researchers in academic, research institutes, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. We are co-developing the candidates with the originators through a virtual development model where a majority of development activities are outsourced to domestic and global CRO/CMOs as well as the specialized laboratories throughout the world. During the pre-clinical and clinical development, we try to improve the value of our candidates, and out-license our development programs to global pharmaceutical companies who can development them further for the global market.

Since established in 2011, NOV has selected and developed globally competitive oncology drug candidates in pre-clinical and clinical stages. With these efforts, NOV has been able to achieve a number of milestones, including two partnering agreements with global pharmaceutical companies as well as several successful phase 1 and phase 2 human clinical trials in Korea and the US

Based on these successful achievements, we have started the second phase of this program on May 1, 2017. NOV offers our unique capabilities and experiences of oncology drug development to our partners with the following distinctive advantages.
  • Total solution for drug development including government funding, R&D support and business development support, etc.
  • Continuous professional project management support throughout the cancer drug development from pre-clinical to phase 2 clinical trials
  • Creative and competitive clinical drug development advice provided by the pool of top class medical oncologists
  • Active support on recent cancer drug development trends, such as immuno-oncology, cell and gene therapies as well as targeted drug development accompanying companion diagnostics

I deeply appreciate the outstanding R&D efforts of Korean oncology scientists working very hard in order to defeat cancer, the most deadly disease in humankind. NOV’s main objectives are to help our cancer patients with better quality of life by supporting to develop global cancer drugs and to contribute our country to become one of the global leaders in cancer drug development. Let’s work together to fight and eventually conquer this deadly disease! Thank you for your interest and help.

May 2017
Park, Young-Whan
President of National OncoVenture